Cotton Punching Machine

This array of cotton punching machines is well known for its high operating sped.  These systems are equipped with multiple punch dies for punching of large number of cotton pads. These machines are capable of producing cotton pads of different shapes and sizes. Minimal labor cost is needed for these machines to produce punched cotton pads. Single hole punching technology based version of this array of machines is capable of producing punched cotton pads by using pneumatic technology. Offered collection of cotton punching machines deserves praise for its high operating speed, long working life and low maintenance design.
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Circular Cotton Punch Machine

Price: 4000.00 - 8000.00 USD ($)

Circular Cotton Punch Machine is used to make cotton pads for various medical and cosmetic based applications. It is known for it's easy operation, fast processing, precise results, and long lasting life. This machine produces cotton pads in circular shape of different diameters as set by the user. It consists of die-like cutters that cut the flat workpiece i.e cotton in same shape as of punched dies.

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Single-Hole Cotton Piece Punching Machine

Price: 4000.00 - 8000.00 USD ($)

Single-Hole Cotton Piece Punching Machine finds it's application for cosmetic & medical industries. It is designed for punching single piece of cotton of desired size from a bale sheet. This machine is comprised of a punching die which works on pneumatic system for applying specific amount of pressure on the workpiece. It is known for it's fast production capacity and long lasting operational life.

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Three Cotton Punch Hole Machine

Price: 4000.00 - 8000.00 USD ($)

Three Cotton Punch Hole Machine is used by feeding cleaned sheet of cotton bale to the conveyor belt, where it is punched by a specific die. It is utilized for making thin pad of cotton which is required for medical and cosmetic applications. This machine works on the principle of pressurized punching which results in cutting of three units by a single punch. Pressure can be generated either by hydraulic or pneumatic system in a controlled manner.

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Make-Up Cotton Punch Machine

Price: 4000.00 - 8000.00 USD ($)

Make-Up Cotton Punch Machine is utilized for making cotton pads of different sizes that are required for removing or applying make-up. It is an automatic instrument which is highly appreciated for it's precision, high energy efficiency, and user friendly nature. This machine performs punching and packaging of cotton pads in a hygienic manner with high speed. It can be availed in different specifications as required according to the productivity need.